I'm posting this because if I post it I'm more likely to actually stick to it.

February - Valentine's Day flash
March - Flint n' Joe (no special title yet)
April - Flint n' Joe Passover (I said I was gonna do it last year, didn't I?)

July - Maybe a 4th of July flash. Maybe.
August - The last 2 Worst Series Ever episodes I never finished

October - Maybe a Halloween flash with Alien Boy or something.

December - Flint n' Joe holiday special


Happy 2010!

2010-01-01 14:25:27 by IZSBHR

Help me decide: Which of these 3 songs should I try animating something to?

You Can't Always Get What You Want
Superman Tonight
So Young and in Love (I'd use the album version, though)

My plans for 2010

2009-12-17 00:01:00 by IZSBHR

As the year draws to a close, I gotta figure out what to do next year. Here's what I came up with:

1. Make a new icon
2. New Profile Picture
3. Make some flashes with coherent plots (I have scripts with coherent plots, but I'm soooo lazy)
4. Make some quality flash
5. Try and get myself unbanned from the audio portal

Happy Holidays, everyone.

How bad would it be...

2009-11-01 19:56:16 by IZSBHR

If I finished a Halloween flash on November 3rd?

I'm still here!

2009-09-25 20:32:51 by IZSBHR

I'm still here. Working on a new flash.

I need to update my character modles...

Maybe in the new Gregorian calender year...

Finishing The worst series ever

2009-06-07 00:38:56 by IZSBHR

Yes, after months of no episodes, the final 2 episodes will be made. Wow. That's fuckin' exciting.

Over a month!

2009-05-18 22:18:55 by IZSBHR

Over a month since the last time I *finished* a flash... wow.

Creative slump.

2009-04-29 20:42:26 by IZSBHR

I'm in such a creative slump right now... I forgot about Pico Day, and won't be making anything for it. But I refuse to be lazy... I'll figure out something to make.

Happy food-eating/wine-drinking day

2009-04-08 14:15:35 by IZSBHR

Don't forget the ram's blood!

... one of these years I need to make a Passover flash.

... one of these years I need to make another flash.


2009-04-01 17:33:07 by IZSBHR